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Finnair Cancels More Than 275 Flights Owing To “Support Strike”

Finnair is about to cancel a lot of flights, presumably over 250 owing to a labor dispute. On Sunday evening, the airline canceled more than 25 flights, and as per the estimate, 250 additional flights may be canceled on the next day. Initially, it had the plan to fly approx. 377 flights for Monday, and so only 120 of these will operate. The buyers of the canceled flight tickets will face inconvenience as a result, but the airline said they would receive emails. They can, after that, either opt for rebooking. The Postal workers started the strike on November 11th, and that is going on. It may continue till December.

IAU – Finnish Aviation Labor Union call the strike that led to this massive flight cancellation by Finnair. The support is for the Finnish postal service- Posti. The pilots and flight attendants of Finnair are not part of this strike directly, but operations have been affected. The ground workers’ unions have supported the strike. The support strike has affected Finnair flight operations at crucial airports like Helsinki. At the Helsinki Airport, critical services like unloading aircraft, customer services, fueling, and maintenance operations have been hit badly. The Chief Operating Officer of the airline Jaakko Schildt said while Finnair is not involved in the dispute – the effects are now disrupting about 20,000 Finnair customers. He added the airline regrets the inconvenience caused, and it is trying to offer suitable alternative flights to the affected lot. Rerouting such a large lot will take some time, as it is natural.

It is quite inconvenient for the fliers, many of whom have been caught unaware by this sympathy strike. Monday, most of the airport services of Finnair will remain truncated. The aircraft loaders and even aircraft pushback tug drivers are part of this ongoing strike. Finnavia, which runs the Helsinki airport, said the impact of the strike is likely to be felt even on Tuesday. While the striking employees will return to work, clearing the backlog and managing the flights will take some more time.

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