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BMW Finally Warming Up To Android Auto

With time, the carmakers are deploying modern technology in their lineup of vehicles in an increasing way. However, a few have taken a long time to deploy Android auto in their models, and German luxury carmaker BMW is one of them. For a long time, the BMW sedans, SUVs, and crossovers came equipped with Apple CarPlay, but support for Android Auto was sorely missing. However, that is set to change- as per the new updates from the company. By July 2020, the iconic German carmaker will introduce Android Auto in its lineup. This can be exciting for BMW users who prefer Google’s popular mobile OS over iOS.

The company says Android Auto will be there in BMW cars having BMW Operating System 7.0 and subsequent versions. Since this is wireless, the users will initially be limited to a few Samsung and Google devices. The majority of carmakers nowadays offer support for Android auto along with Apple Car play to suit the varying taste of their buyers. The BMW cars in as many as 20 countries will receive support for Android Auto. It is not known when the wired connection for the same will get rolled out by the company.

The development marks a drastic change in the company’s outlook compared to its stance only two years back. At that time-BMW clearly said it was not keen on using android auto in its models. It added that it was more interested in using BMW made apps in the car’s infotainment setup. However, their stance has changed, and Android Auto has emerged far more polished than what it was back then. So, it is final that BMW will also offer support for Android OS’s Google Assistant. The company insiders have said Android auto will be integrated into BMW vehicles deeply, and it will not be like a cosmetic overlay. Of course, Google is happy to see BMW changing its stance. Google’s VP of engineering Patrick Brady said the company is glad that BMW is finally embracing Android Auto for its popular vehicles.

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