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10000 dogs from all over the country are recruited to study the lifespan of dogs

Researchers are planning to study 10000 dogs over 10 years to study aging in canines. Scientists are going to study if they can improve the quality of life in canines. The lifespan of dogs is excessively short. They only live six to twelve times lesser than human. National Institute of aging is funding a team of researchers to perform this study on 10000 dogs. The team of researchers includes Washington school of medicine and Texas A&M College of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. Moreover, researches on this team have expertise in vast fields and institutes. This will be the most extensive research on dogs.

Scientists are recruiting dog owners from all over the country for this significant research. Dog lovers want their pet dogs to live maximum years with them. Firstly, doctors will gather data by studying canines from different backgrounds. Then the research will study factors to increase the lifespan of dogs. The research is on its primary phase right now. However, the team will soon release additional details on this project. For now, owners can nominate their gods for this research. Owners can fill all the information on the health and lifestyle of their pets on the portal.

Dogs of different ages and sizes from different locations will be there for the research. The team of researchers said, “All owners will become Dog aging citizen scientists, and their dogs will become members of Aging Project.” Aging is one of the reasons for most common diseases like cancer and heart problems. Dogs ages faster than humans and therefore, face similar health problems. This project will gather knowledge on aging in Dogs and Humans. Scientists will analyze the massive amounts of data during the research on Dogs. The team of researchers is excited to work with companion dogs. This study will be helpful in terms of medication and treatments on diseases in Dogs.

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